Sustainability Management  

Sustainability management

Velomax views sustainability management as a continuous improvement process in which environmental protection and sustainability are extremely important, rather than mere catchphrases designed to attract positive media attention.

Committed staff from all Velomax departments, the so-called Green Team, have met voluntarily since 2010 to dedicate themselves to all topics related to sustainability associated with the Max-Schmeling-Halle operations management. The Green Team is always in constant communication with the parent company, the Apleona group of companies, and meets regularly, at least once every quarter

Environmental management

Environmental protection is a key building block of our sustainable corporate culture. Velomax is DIN ISO 14001 certified, which means that the environmentally relevant internal company processes have been optimised.

All certifications

In 2010, the Max-Schmeling-Halle was Germany's first multipurpose arena to be awarded the globally recognised Green Globe certificate for sustainability. It currently holds Platinum status, and is re-certified at regular intervals.

The Green Globe certification criteria range from a sustainable and controlled use of the available resources to social topics such as occupational health & safety, providing visitor information such as, for example, how to travel to and from the venue in an eco-friendly way, to the level of customer satisfaction. A key success factor is the saving of resources, which is one of the main reasons for the Max-Schmeling-Halle's re-certifications. You can view the Green Globe Policy and the certificate awarded here. Velomax is regularly audited internally and externally by TÜV and holds the following management system standard certifications:

Environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001
Energy management DIN EN ISO 50001
Quality management DIN EN ISO 9001
Occupational health & safety management DIN ISO 45001 


Measures aimed at reducing the resource consumption

  • Reduction of energy consumption for heating purposes through the surface insulating vegetation on the angled roof areas and pretreatment of the outside air to regulate the temperature inside the arena

  • Updated building services system facilitates efficient management of the technical equipment in the arena

  • Lighting control via timers

  • All standard incandescent lighting throughout the entire arena has been replaced with LED, which have a longer lifespan, and use up to 42% to 75% less energy (depending on the lighting category)

  • Reduced water consumption through the use of water saver tap aerators and the installation of timed flow taps and showers in all public areas

  • In all visitor areas, the water supply is cold water only

  • Certified "Clean & Green" cleaning process throughout the building

  • Reduction of paper consumption through paperless processes in the management area, central printing management as well as the use of digital news channels for newsletter mailing, for example, social media as well as digital screens in the arena and LED displays on the facade.

Waste management and recycling

  • Reduction of waste and environmental pollution through waste management in the event and management area (waste separation, waste compressors, separate Styrofoam waste collection and disposal of propellant containers) and the use of rubbish compressors

  • Recycling of the old banked cycling track after its removal; the wood was used to make furniture and create works of art for use in the current velodrome, for example 

Resource reduction and supplier selection in the hospitality area

  • Choosing suppliers that offer regional, seasonal and/or organic produce

  • Fresh Box stalls - freshly made from regional products

  • Refraining from the use of straws and plastic cutlery; ordering larger packs, rather than small packages

  • We use reusable returnable tumblers (deposit scheme), rather than disposable tumblers, avoid producing high volumes of waste and use rubbish compressors to minimise the waste volume

  • Surplus food and drinks are donated to various charitable institutions


Purchasing and sustainability are closely linked. Sustainable purchasing means choosing products and services that were manufactured with both eco-friendliness as well as social responsibility in mind with the aim of minimising the consumption impact on the environment and society.

Velomax takes the following aspects into account when it purchases products and procures services:

  • One hundred percent green electricity from renewable energy

  • Compliance with sustainability criteria during procurement processes and the ordering of services, e.g. payment of social security contributions, no false self-employment, compliance with minimum wage regulations and collective bargaining terms, compliance with occupational health & safety rules and much more

  • Exclusive use of preferably regional suppliers listed on the supplier platform Newtron

  • Carbon compensation for the delivery of letters throughout the entire Gegenbauer group of companies as well as all business travel and the company vehicle fleet

Plan your trip

  • Minimisation of carbon emissions due to guests, players and performers travelling to and from events by already focusing on the use of the railway network and public transport in general during the construction of the hall. See here for more information on how to get to us: directions

  • Further carbon free travel alternatives available, such as hiring a bike from the hire cycle provider nextbike. Our cooperation partner has a docking station right in front of the Max-Schmeling-Halle

Communications and PR

Sustainability topics are suggested in regular meetings, and their implementation discussed. The focus is on engaging all staff and stakeholders in the process through information transfer and training. Furthermore, Velomax views itself as a disseminator and attempts to also meet its respective responsibilities in the form of communication aimed at the visitors through the use of information boards, digital screens in the arena, LED displays on the façade as well as via our online channels.

  • Knowledge transfer e.g. through guided tours and lectures for students and anyone else interested in the building

  • Event participation in a speaker role as a best practice example / first mover at conferences, e.g. association and industry conventions such as the Most Wanted Music, the Reeperbahnfestival, EVVC conventions etc.

  • Regional and national dialogue partner (radio, TV, print, online)

Sustainability management plan

The Velomax sustainability management plan, including the results from 2022 as well as the goals for 2023, can be viewed here.

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