Corporate social responsibility

Meeting our responsibilities towards society is part of our corporate culture and our fundamental values. Our commitment extends to all areas of the company and all staff. Becoming jointly involved in activities that serve the common good unites and motivates us. We support various projects, initiatives and associations in the cultural, social and sports area.

Staff and environment

Ensuring fair working conditions for our staff for the benefit of the customers." (Carl Gegenbauer, founder of the parent company Gegenbauer). Velomax follows the parent company's sustainability principles, feels responsible for all of its staff and endeavours to treat its partners and suppliers fairly.

This includes:

  • Being mindful of accessibility, gender equality and diversity

  • Health offers for the staff

  • Complying with the minimum wage regulations, construction site monitoring, closely monitored supplier management

  • Paying social security contributions, no false self-employment

Working groups and charity initiatives

Velomax participates in various sustainability initiatives and working groups. See further down for more respective information.

Sustainability working group

Velomax is a member of the working group sustainability of the Berlin Music Commission, a panel of representatives from the business, events and education area. This working group offers sustainability advice and recommendations to all music industry stakeholders in Berlin, and was set up for anyone in this business who is prepared to actively advance the implementation of sustainable practices in their day-to-day business.

Berliner Schulpate

Since 2023, we have been volunteering with Berliner Schulpate gGmbH. Berliner Schulpate has recognized that children are no longer familiar with many professions and has set the goal to change this. They enable elementary school students in grades 4 to 6 to get to know different professions. As part of the program "Career Adventure," elementary school students meet with role models from various professions and receive practical, child-friendly insights into diverse career fields.

We are fond of this idea, which is why we are participating. We are inviting fifth and sixth graders to visit the Max-Schmeling-Halle. During the visit, they can certainly take a behind-the-scenes look, but our main focus is to introduce the students to the numerous professions that are hidden behind the operation of such a venue.

This represents an initial preparatory step in the process of their future career exploration during secondary school and also an early investment in nurturing new talent.

For more information, please visit

Take A Stand

Velomax supports the European education initiative "Take a Stand" that was established by the festival association Yourope in 2016. The aim of the initiative is the promotion of a culture of solidarity and tolerance especially at festivals and concerts in order to thereby establish this culture throughout society in the long term. "Take a Stand" wants to raise people's awareness and to speak up for inclusion and dialogue and against fear and marginalisation. However, the initiative "Take a Stand" is not just an appeal to music fans but to everyone!

Viva con Agua

Velomax supports Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. during sports events and concerts. This project makes it easy for the audience to do something good by donating their returnable tumblers, rather than collecting the deposit themselves. This international charity aims to improve the safe drinking water supply, ensure that everyone has access to safe drinking water and raise people's awareness of the global issue of water.

Viva con Agua supporters are easy to spot: they carry a reusable tumbler returns bin marked by a Viva con Agua flag.


Velomax supports the climate protection organisation atmosfair, whose aims include the compensation of greenhouse gases with renewable energies. Velomax compensates the carbon emissions it produces via atmosfair. The compensations are used to support farmers and their families in Nepal, for example.

Music Declares Emergency

Music Declares Emergency is an association of artists, organisations and music industry stakeholders that belongs to the climate movement and educates people about the climate emergency in order to protect our planet. It demands immediate action. Velomax is one of the declarers. We believe in the power of music when it comes to speeding up the transition and ensuring a livable future for all of us.

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