Are children under 16 allowed to attend events without being accompanied by an adult?

Children and teenagers under the age of 16 are only permitted to attend events if accompanied by a parent or guardian (i.e. a person of legal age with supervisory duties) in conjunction with a valid admission ticket. Parents and legal guardians must ensure that they fulfill their duty of supervision. Children under 6 years of age may only be admitted to events if accompanied by an adult.

The respective event organizer may stipulate stricter regulations and thus deviate from these. Please refer to the relevant event information on our website or contact the respective event organizer for more information.


*Information on regulations for the protection of minors as well as the written parental permission are available for download here (German)

What items may be taken to events?

When visiting the Max-Schmeling-Halle, please limit yourself to taking the following items with you:

  •  Bag or backpack up to max. DIN A4 (20 cm x 30 cm).

Please refrain from bringing the following items:

  • Bag or backpack larger than DIN A4 (20 cm x 30 cm) - There is a charge for bringing luggage larger than DIN A4 (€3.00 per item)

  • Bulky items of any kind (suitcases, baskets, helmets, strollers, cane umbrellas, etc.)

  • Drinks, food and snacks

  • Technical devices (notebooks, tablets, cameras, audio and video recorders, GoPros, selfie sticks, large power banks, etc.)

For more information, please refer to the house rules.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks?

Bringing food and drinks into the venue is generally prohibited. Exceptions to this rule are food and beverages brought in for health reasons, as well as baby formula. In addition, the sale of goods of any kind in and in front of the venue is prohibited, without prior permission.

What foods and drinks are offered in the Max-Schmeling-Halle?

At our numerous concession stands, we offer a diverse range of fresh, high-quality products, most of which are regional. Whether hearty and classic, such as French fries, currywurst and pretzels, or vegetarian and light, such as oven-warm paninis with grilled vegetables, salad or vegan gyros, there is something for every taste. You'll also find a selection of sweets, such as ice cream, crepes, popcorn, cookies, foam kisses and nachos. Quench your thirst with a freshly tapped beer, various soft drinks or enjoy a freshly brewed coffee.

When is the time of admission?

Admission usually starts 90 minutes before the start of the event. Concerts usually start at 8:00 pm, admission then starts at 18:30 h. The exact times can be found in our event calendar in the respective event. We generally recommend arriving early. Please allow sufficient time, e.g. for the security check.

In general, admission and event times can change at short notice, even on the day of the event itself. We will inform you about this in good time on our website, as well as on our social media channel Facebook.

Is smoking permitted in the venue?

Smoking is not permitted in the Max-Schmeling-Halle and all adjoining rooms, this includes e-cigarettes. It is possible to smoke in a designated area on the vestibule.

Where can I find the lost and found?

The BMZ (fire alarm control center) acts as our lost and found. If you have lost something during an event, please contact our service personnel on site. You can find out whether items have been handed in either through the Teamflex company or directly by sending an e-mail to