Protection of flora and fauna on the company premises

A home for bees

Several colonies of bees live on the green roof of the Max-Schmeling-Halle. The wild animals are looked after and cared for by the beekeeper Wolfgang Wagner. Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH is delighted with the bee and environmentally friendly partnership and the annual result, honey.


Meadow care by sheep

During spring and summer there are animal roommates moving in on our green roof. The sheep graze to sustainably and naturally “mow” the roof. The cute Swedish guests belong to the oldest country breed in Sweden, the "Gutschafe", which are having a cultural heritage status in Sweden. The sheep are staying during the spring and summer - and graze on the roof. In addition to their natural lawnmower job, they act as photo models and are the highlight of many pedestrians.

We are also having so called "morning birdhouses" on the trees on our grounds to protect small birds and provide a home for them. The roof is also a home to fox familys and many other local animals.